Four-legged “aliens” are looking for a place to land

Meet the Devon Rex – an adorable creature from space with oversized ears and a huge loving heart. Should a person describe the nature of the little Devon Rex in one word, that word would be “CatDog”!

They are absolutely human-loving creatures possessing dog-like qualities. The owner should be prepared that Devon Rex will always follow him around the house a few steps behind, wagging happily his tail. Devon Rex to a great extent is dependent on the beloved owner – he will try to get closer to the owner’s face, to lie down cozily around his neck, pretending to be the fur collar, happily cooing on your shoulder, looking into your eyes and waiting for a cherishing words! Another great advantage of this breed is that allergic people do not feel any discomfort communicating with the Devon Rex.

Certified cattery “SEAWAVE” in the World Cat Federation (WCF) opens a reservation of kittens. Two boys and two charming girls are ready to move into a new house. Kittens are from the titled parents. Father is the champion of Ukraine, has opened the title of inter-champion, was brought from Ukraine. Mother has opened the title of champion, was brought from Russia. Parents regularly participate in exhibitions, always with positive results!

Parents and kittens move freely around the house, are not kept in cages, communicate with each other, with the owners and the guests of the house, loving and playful. Kittens are habituated to the tray, have been dewormed and vaccinated. Have EU veterinary passport and WCF bloodline. Possible delivery in Latvia and the EU.

Price 600 Euros (with the condition that kitten is purchased as a pet).

Contact phone: (+371) 27-703-754, (+371)25-918-620


Теперь ИнфоЛиепая есть и в Телеграм! Подписывайтесь, и следите за актуальными новостями Латвии и Лиепаи на нашем канале

Если и вы что-то нашли или потеряли, или стали свидетелем необычной ситуации, а может просто хотите поделиться с окружающими важной и полезной информацией, пишите нам на E-mail:


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